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70mm 370W Zumex Orange Juicer , Orange Juice Squeezer For Store OEM
Orange Juicer Machine
   Product description

70mm 370W Zumex Orange Juicer , Orange Juice Squeezer For Store OEM Description: 1)Orange juicer is a machine which extracts juice from fresh oranges,lemon , pomegranate. 2)The orange juice is different from juicer you buy from market, it is totally natural, fresh and good taste, contain no preservatives, stabilizers, pigment and essence. 3)The machine is extrusion type. When clean orange was feed into, the machine doing peeling, extracting and screening work, all procedures are automatically. Final production orange juicer is pure and good taste. 4)This orange juicer has a nice appearance and advanced inner structure, parts that contact with fruit and juice were made of stainless steel or wear-resisting food-grade PC plastic, not harmful to health. Specification: 1.Power supply:220--230V 50HZ /110--120V 60HZ 2.Power consumption:120W / 250w 3. Size of orange required:40--90mm 4.Output: 22-25 oranges/per minute 5. Machine Size: 480L*440W*880H mm(length*width*height) 6. Net Weight: 56kg 7.Security:  Safety cut out switches The machines will stop operating without the cover place. 8. ConVeyance: Qty/20' FCL: 88sets Safety Notice: Avoid dangerous please followed by the next step: 1. Ensure read and understand all the explanations. 2. Only use the specifically marked AC power source(230V/50HZ,120V/60HZ). 3. For the safety purpose,only use connect power to the grounded connector plugs. 4. Ensure machine is disconnected from main power and turn off the power before you clean it. 5. Do not touch the power connect plug. 6. Only used for citrus and lemon. Do not used for other fruit. 7. Do not use for peach, mango etc, in case it damage. 8. Do not put your hands in the machine while it working.

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