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Stainless Steel Commercial Margarita Machine Milk Shake Inner - Outer Freezing Cylinder
Ice Slush Machine
   Product description

tainless Steel Commercial Margarita Machine Milk Shake Inner - Outer Freezing Cylinder Description: slush machine can dispense a variety of beverage such as granita drinks, frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, coffees, cappuccino and tea slush beverages. Snow melting machine, also known as snow pellet machine, snow mud machine. A variety of juices can be made into a cool, refreshing snow-melted drink. Snow melt or snow mud is sucked by a straw. The product made by the snow mud mechanism is cotton, giving people a feeling of lubrication and refreshment. Working principle of snow melting machine: When starting, the plunger pump will spray 0.2 kg of water through the several filters to the surface of the inner cavity and then form a 3 mm thick ice. Under the action of a rotating ice skate, the freshly prepared ice is dropped into small pieces and dropped into a storage compartment. Snow melting machines are divided into single and double and triple cylinders depending on the output. Application: slush machine is ideal For Weddings, Welcome Drinks, Bar Mitzvahs, 21st Parties, Corporate Functions,Product Launches, Children’s Parties, Sports Day, Fundraising Events & More. Specification: Material Stainless steel R304 Machine size 570*370*730mm Cold power 500W Packing size 590*440*780mm Cold-beverage temperture (-2) to( -3) degree Model XRJ10LX3 Tank material PC Compressor Brand Cubigel Condenser with Copper tube Certificate CE switch LCD switch Refrigerant R134a/ R404a Electrics Standard 110V-220V,50-60HZ Drive Mode Magnetic transmission G.W 63KG N.W 53KG 40' HQ loading 220 PCS FOB Shanghai USD 20' FT loading 90 PCS Warranty 1 Year Advantages of this margarita slush frozen drink machine : 1. Superior compressor from European,Embraco-Aspera, R404a. 2. Using the world's most advanced and accurate torque and temperature control system and obtain high taste smoothie,And mixing blade will not be damaged because of the change of the soluble solids content of raw materials. 3. Wide voltage design, will not damage by voltage fluctuation. 4. Ultra fast cooling, ice sand production completion time is less than 90 minutes. 5. LED Lighting bottom cover. 6. Be able to make Italian Cremafredda) 7. Be able to make different flavor drink,such as juice,milk tea... 8. Be able to work at night. How to use slush machine ? 1.Plug the slush machine into a wall outlet by itself. These machines generally require a lot of power; if otherappliances or devices are running on the same circuit, a breaker may shut off. Most slush machines require a 20 amp circuit. Leave at least 8 inches of space on all sides of the machine to allow proper ventilation, which is necessary for the freezing process. 2.Fill the reservoir with frozen drink mix, leaving about one inch of space from the top. Using straight water is likely to damage the machine since most mixtures have about 32 grams of sugar per 8 oz. of mixture, which assists with proper freezing. 3.Place the lid on the machine and make sure it is secure. 4.Turn on the machine and make sure it is set to freeze. Some machines will have a little snowflake symbol that the operating switch must be turned to in order to freeze the mixture. 5.Allow the machine about 45 minutes to an hour to properly freeze the mix for consumption. 6.Dispense the slush into a container by holding the container under the nozzle and pulling the dispense lever .

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