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Mini Long Life Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine Coins And Notes Acceptors
Juicer Vending Machine
   Product description

Mini Long Life Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine Coins And Notes Acceptors Description : Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine is a leading model for orange juice with ourself researched software and patented squeezed system. By multi payment selection and automatic squeezed system it cuts squeeze oranges into a sealed cup for immediate consumption. The most advanced remote telemetry system, you can control your machines from your computer, tablet or smartphone: in real time you have sales figures, report, autonomy, general status etc. The system also warns you up in case of any malfunction or just for an instant report. Advantages: Always fresh 24/7 with built-in ozone disinfection and refrigerator that storage the oranges at 5 degree Ozone sterilization ozone sterilization eliminates 99.9% of bacteria growth Huge 20'LCD display Interactive touch screen display free advertisement space on LCD screen 100% Fresh and Nature No ice , no sugar , only pure nature orange juice Diversified payment ways support Alipay , Wechat pay & Bank note , Bank card and Apply pay is optional Huge Glass panel front window Full view to the oranges storage and squeezing process Perfect management system wireless monitoring of machine operation A business without you working Orange juice delivered in a to go cup automatically . Income If you run 6 units orange juice vending machine , sales prices per cup of juice is 3.5 USD , 30 cups of daily sales per machine , that is USD3.5* 30 *6 =USD630 One day , one year the total annual revenue is USD229950 , and 30 cups is very small quantity , if you put the machine in very large population place , ond day you may sell 500 cups or more . If you run 15 units juice vending machine , each year you can earn USD58000 at least , the most importantly you do not have to work , you just launch the machine and send some guy to clean the machine . Specification: machine size 1400*860*2000 mm color black or customized machine weight 450kg orange storage about 280 oranges(80kg) orange size 50-85mm(diameter) cup size 13OZ(380ml+/-,5 oranges) cup material plastic or paper cup sealing type with cap or automatic sealing machine temperature adjustable from 5 degree squeezing speed 60sec.(sealing included) dimensions width:135cm/53'',height:201cm/79'',depth:93cm/36'' weight 350kg/772lb voltage 230-115v/50-60hz average power/peak power 300w/2000w plug length 4.5m language all main lamguages availabe payment methods coins and notes acceptors,cashles payments technologies warranty 1 year

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