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Ozone Sterilazation Fruit Juice Vending Machine , Apple Juice Vending Machine
Juicer Vending Machine
   Product description

AutoIndustrial Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine With Ozone Sterilazation Main Features 1) Remote control, no staff on duty 2) Large capacity storage, no need to add oranges frequently 3) One-button automatic cleaning, fast and efficient, no need for extra stuff 4) The whole machine refrigeration system can be used both indoors and outdoors. 5) Timed circulation sterilization system to ensure fresh air inside the machine. Meet food requirements. Description : With unique features and an excellent juice yield, these orange juice vending machines produce high quality freshly squeezed orange juice in 60 seconds. The takeaway model fills and heat seals cups of 350 ml (12oz), so that the consumers can drink the juice wherever they want. A straw is then dispensed automatically. If you connect the orange juice vending machine to an internet connection, like WiFi, Ethernet or a cellular connection, you can take advantage of our monitoring app. Available for both Android and iPhone, you can check your sales and inventory levels on-the-go. This allows you to manage your business like a pro and never miss a sale because of depleted inventory. Income If you run 6 units orange juice vending machine , sales prices per cup of juice is 3.5 USD , 30 cups of daily sales per machine , that is USD3.5* 30 *6 =USD630 One day , one year the total annual revenue is USD229950 , and 30 cups is very small quantity , if you put the machine in very large population place , ond day you may sell 500 cups or more . If you run 15 units juice vending machine , each year you can earn USD58000 at least , the most importantly you do not have to work , you just launch the machine and send some guy to clean the machine .

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