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Orange Juice Squeezing Machine
Juicer Vending Machine
   Product description

1.Small investment in big returns
small investment in stead of renting a shop,automatic system in instead of sellers , simple control in stead of complexity .

2.Intelligence integration
Automatic receipt ,completing all process such as orange conveying ,counting ,squeezing ,cup falling , seal-capping automatically.
3.Security assurance
Orange juice squeezing ,cup filling and cap sealing all finished inside the machine in low temperature ,ensure its safety and health.The take-away door is with safety protection .

Good material ensure the quality and service life of the machine .
5.Large storage space and low power consumption .
55-60 kg orange storage space inside the machine for avove 60 cups orange juice ,and extra 0.455 cbm storage space for about 150KG oranges .Only 4-6 KWH per day .
6.All natural ingredients
100% orange juice without extra sugar or any addititves .
19 inch screen for advertisement
8.After-sales service
One year guarantee that we will provide your parts for change if broken ,and online professional technic guidance.

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