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Automatic Orange Juicer Vending Machine
Juicer Vending Machine
   Product description

Automatic Orange Juicer Vending Machine

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juicer Vending Machine is a leading model for orange juice which researched software and patented squeezed system.
By Multipayment selection and automatic squeezed system it only take 45 seconds chill, cut and squeeze oranges into a sealed cup for immediate consumption.
The most advanced is remote telemetry system, you can control your machines from your computer, tablet or smart phone: in real time you have sales figures, report, autonomy, general status etc. The system also warns you up in case of any malfunction or just for an instant report.

1.The world's most advanced original juice press system with convenient replacement and high juice yield,
does not harm the orange juice nutrition, pure taste and suitable for diameter 50 ~ 90 mm the size of oranges
and unattended .
2. it adopts the globally the most advanced internet system and only can monitor terminal
 equipment all-round real-time for 24 hours by a cell phone with networking .
3.Terminals can automatically complete press juice, filling cup, sealing cap, straw,charge etc integration process and intelligently balance weight per cup orange juice;All terminals monitor and manage intelligently real-time by remote management system management. system: WeChat, alipay, membership CARDS, cash, group purchase etc.


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