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Customized Fresh Orange Juicer Vending Machine
Juicer Vending Machine
   Product description

Customized Fresh Orange Juicer Vending Machine

1.Big Capacity
The filling space for oranges with 55-60 total weight is available and an extra space for about 150kg oranges could be equipped based on customers’ requirements. The big capacity can save the times of refilling oranges.

2.Interaction with Juice Buyers
Juice buyers can watch the whole orange squeezing process through the big window screen which spices up the buying experience of the buyers

3.Intelligent Process
From squeezing to filling the cup, the whole process is intelligently automatic. The orange juicer machines can be remotely monitored and managed. It takes about 40 seconds to squeeze a cup of fresh orange juice.

4.Easy Payment
Coin, cash and card payments are all accepted in this orange vending machine which can increase the success of trading.

5.Hygienic Environment
Ozone Sterilization and automatic cleaning systems can be installed insidesthis citrus machine to prevent the bacteria from growing. The air conditioning system is equipped inside to ensure the freshness of the orange and the juice.

6.Low Power Consumption
This Eco-friendly machine takes Only 4-6 KWH electricity per day.

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