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Orange Squeezer XC-2000C-B
Citrus Juicer Machine
   Product description



1. Power supply: 220--230V 50HZ /110--120V 60HZ 
2. Power consumption: 0.37KW 
3. Size of orange required: 40--90mm 
4. Output:  35-40 oranges/per minute 
5. Machine Size : 540L*610W*1350H mmlength*width*height
6. Weight: 109kg 
7. Security : Satety cut out switches 
The machines will stop working without the cover place

8 .Juice container: 3L.
9. Stainless steel plating, seed case, or cupboard,


XC-2000B  (or named XC-2000C-B),is the same as the top of the XC-2000C,just without the moveable base cabinet.(bacause some customer has their own desk)

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